Empowered Girl Alliance Guiding Principles

We Include...

The Empowered Girl Alliance is an inclusive organization that honors cultural and ideological diversity. Accordingly, we do not promote the moral policies of any one religion, political party, socio-economic class, or gender identity. 

We Identify...

The Empowered Girl Alliance offers an exciting and engaging weekend experience for adolescent girls between age 12 through 12th grade. This foundational weekend program introduces young women to the significance of self-identification by taking them on an interactive journey which builds the awareness, skills, and confidence necessary to live happy, fulfilling, and empowered lives. 

We Inform… 

The Empowered Girl Alliance stands firm in the belief that adolescent girls need access to information and resources in order to make wise life choices. We encourage open, adult-facilitated discussion as a means to explore options and examine consequences, and never engage in censure or censorship. 

We Inspire… 

The Empowered Girl Alliance Mentorship Program provides Empowered Girls with accessible role models to look to for support and guidance. Adult women and peer mentors are paired with each girl to ensure that she has someone in her life to listen to, accept, and admire her for who she is. EGA Mentors offer authentic guidance through encouragement, exploration, education, and by sharing their own experiences. They do not judge, moralize, or attempt to model perfection. 

We Integrate… 

The Empowered Girl Integration (EGI) Circles provide a safe place for Empowered Girls to return to regularly to share the intimate details of their life journey and to receive ongoing support and guidance. Our EGA website will offer every Empowered Girl the opportunity to connect with and build relationships with other Empowered Girls across the globe. Moderated EG Discussion Forums, EG Blog Hosting, and EG Resources will provide further inspiration, insight, and support for girls living an empowered life. 

We Exemplify… 

The Empowered Girl Alliance gives name to a collective of self-identified, empowered adolescent girls. An Empowered Girl sets a powerful example, she is an excellent role model for other girls to look up to. In essence, the Empowered Girl is truly the new super model of today. It is no accident that e. g. (exempli gratia) is inherent in her name. 

While there’s some truth in [popular culture’s influence on adolescent girls’ self-image] it doesn’t explain the whole story. Girls have strict hierarchies based on what our culture tells us about what constitutes ideal femininity. At no time in your daughter’s life is it more important to her to fit these elusive girl standards than adolescence. But who is the prime enforcer of these standards? The movies? Teen magazines? Nope, it’s the girls themselves. They police each other.

Rosalind Wiseman
Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends & Other Realities of Adolescence

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Empowered Girl Training Weekend

Rochester, NY area ~           May 16-18, 2014

Empowered Girl Alliance is an independently operating 501c3 organization and is not a part of any other organization.

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