In Their Own Words... 

From the girls:

   "In the future I won't think I'm stupid because there are so many people I can look after for help in an understanding way." 8/09 (Rochester, NY)

   "I feel so much more confident. I feel like I could walk into any situation and not feel insecure or shy." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I feel really great about myself because I can believe in myself and believe in others." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I learned to open up to people and share my feelings. I feel like I improved my self and now I'm confident." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I have a different view of myself and how I deserve to be treated." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I certainly think of me, myself, my body in a higher power. Thank you!" 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I think I will be more confident in myself and see others different and be able to see their spirit." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I am strong and independent and have a "tool" to self-comfort and strengthen myself." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I feel more confident and better about myself than I did before." 1/09 (Southern California)

   "I feel more support. I will believe in myself. I will achieve anything I set my mind to." 8/09 (Rochester, NY)

   "I loved all of it, the girls, the yoga, the t-shirts, everything. I will go out into the world confident and happy." 8/09 (Rochester, NY)

   "I feel stronger and more confident." 8/09 (Rochester, NY)

   "I think more highly of myself." 8/09 (Rochester, NY)

From Teen Staff:

   "I didn't realize how much I was capable of until I staffed my first EGA Weekend."

   "I will be back to staff Weekends. I will have a pool of women I can come to if I need to." 8/09

   "I am really looking forward to helping staff more Weekends in the future." 8/09

   "EGA Circles are like turbo chargers. They re-energize you in one afternoon."

From Adult Staff:

   "I am in awe of the experience of the Weekend and all that the girls received." 1/09

   "I feel new hope for girls."

   "I now have a new mission."

   "Really wonderful on every level."

   "The best school I've been to!"

   "I will look at teens in my life with a new light. And hold my heart open."

My heart is full and I have tears in my eyes... what an amazing weekend!

Becca Linekin, West Coast, 2009

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